The Story Singer

    Tom Burns made his national debut in 1993 on the 10th year anniversary of the talent show, Star Search, hosted by Ed McMahon.  McMahon, was the long time side kick to Johnny Carson of the Tonight Show. Tom’s unique talent first captured the interest of the show’s executive producer, Sam Riddle.
Riddle said, "That boy's different, unlike any talent I’ve ever seen before," so Riddle asked Tom to be on the show. Burns proved to be a real entertainer, noted for his high-energy performance, passionate delivery, and refreshingly unpredictable vocal styling. This also made him a favorite with the show’s fans and talent judges as well, and he went on to win the $100,000, Male Vocalist Of The Year.


    After his record-winning season on Star Search, Tom released three CD’s. His first recording was a Rock and Soul CD, titled "When Love Comes Down", covering many of the hit songs he had performed on Star Search. Tom’s next release, "Songs of Life", documented his ten years of performing music aligned with the New Thought movement. "Peace, Love, & Understanding", his third CD, is best described as New Thought with an "edge". The latest CD, written by Tom, “Seven Songs For Seven Days”, is an original CD of Gospel Rock music, with the message of healing your spirit.


    With a reputation of connecting with his audience, Tom has become a well-known and much sought after vocalist in numerous churches throughout California, and the southwestern United States. He also appears with many of today’s best selling authors, including Marianne Williamson, Dr. Jean Houston, Rev. Edwene Gaines, Louise Hay, and Terry Cole-Whitaker.


" deserve Alabama's highest compliment...Bubba, you blew my dress up..."

- Rev. Edwene Gaines

" are the Rockin Gospel Minstrel..."

- Rev. Nancy Berggren

"...New Thought's very own American Idol..."

- Rev. Sandy Moore 

"Let The Words Be Heard, through the songs I sing and the words I speak, the very simple, yet essential message of Peace, Love, & Understanding"...

Tom Burns

Attn; Music Directors

“Open Up The Day”

A new song written expressly for your congregations and choirs..."a powerful, uplifting Spiritual…a get em' up and goin' Gospel groove with a 100% NEW THOUGHT message".

If you would like a copy of this song, send me an email and get YOUR church to "stand up and sing out, rejoicing in the name of the Lord"...

Click for Lyrics by Tom Burns,

Music by Tom Burns and Todd Schroeder c.2003