Combine great lyrics, great chords with an aesthetic piano/vocal arrangement and you have the newest CD from Tom Burns. "Peace, Love & Understanding" is brilliantly simple in execution, yet rich with spirituality.

    I could probably use this space to write something meaningful about how the songs on this CD provided answers to all the problems in my life. I could even write about how a certain song was a catalyst for some big change I made or how another song held a "Zen" moment for me, because they did, but I won't.
     My purpose for making "Peace, Love, & Understanding", is to share a special treasure with you. I want you to experience some of the music that over the past thirty years has literally become the soundtrack of my life. These are the songs I have loved to sing along with, music that has influenced me, and lyrics that have given me guidance. This is a collection of the true musical masterpieces, so seldom heard, that to leave them on the shelf any longer would be like leaving "Mona Lisa in a closet".
     "Songs with great stories, great chords" was my mantra throughout this whole process: to take highly produced songs and strip them of their production, revealing great music supporting great stories. What started out as a list of forty-three "Mona Lisa's" is now this collection of eleven songs with one common narrative thread..."Peace, Love, & Understanding"... Tom


1. Peace, Love, & Understanding

2. The Balance

3. Part Of The Plan

4. Free

5. The Light That Has Lighted The World

6. My Thanksgiving

7. The Eagle Will Rise Again

8. It Will Be A Good Day (The River)

9. Every Kinda’ People

10. Love Is The Answer

11. That Is All

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